Quick Guide to Pick the Best Event Rental Service

Quick Guide to Pick the Best Event Rental Service


We have all found ourselves in the situation where there’s a key piece of our event missing, late or completely forgotten. These last moment wildfires are stressful and sometimes hard to put out. “The icing on the cake melted”, “The food provider is late”, “The bathroom is out of service”. The ultimate fear of any event planner (regardless of their expertise) is to have to deal with a last-minute detail that, if left unattended, will threaten to harm the atmosphere of the  itself, especially if it has to do with the events rental service you hired! 


Even though some unexpected issues almost always appear at the last moment, you want to feel assured that at least your event rental service is going to deliver everything they promised as expected. So, since they are such a key piece to your event’s success, we came up with this Quick Guide to Pick the Best Event Rental Serviceso you can make sure you are making the right decision. 


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Look for as Many References (Reviews) as You Possibly Can 

Researchers have found that 83% of people trust recommendations made by friends and family, and you should too, especially when it comes to picking an event rental service. You want to get as many comments, quotes, reviews and critics as you can to evaluate different companies based on the opinion of the most insightful people you’ll find: their own clients! 


Pay Close Attention to Their Customer Service  

Every single interaction you have with your event rental service is an opportunity to assess the quality of their customer service. Whether if it is through the phone, e-mail or in person, you can quickly observe patterns of how they are likely to deal with you once you have committed to hiring them. You want to make sure they can kindly serve your needs and that they have the willingness to talk things through if something doesn’t go as planned. 


Be Careful with Cheap Alternatives. 

 As the old saying goes: “You pay for what you get”. 

There are some things you just don’t want to save money on. You probably don’t want to get heart surgery at a cheap clinic, or a $5 haircut to go to a high-fashion event.   

So, why would you pick the cheapest event rental service for an occasion as important as, for example, your wedding 

 Hiring the best doesn’t really come cheap. That doesn’t mean that the most expensive options are necessarily the best, but an alternative that’s significantly cheaper than the rest often comes with a downsize. Just make sure you know what that is before you commit 


Worst-Case Scenario Preparation 

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Given the fact that you rely heavily on your event rental service to deliver some key elements, you probably want to find out what would happen if they are unable to do so.  

Are they willing to make things happen no matter what? Do they have a refund policy for those cases?  

Knowing how your worst-case scenario would look like can help you in defining a Plan B just in case things go south. 


Bottom Line 

Following the steps on this quick guide will save you some headaches, as you’ll be in a much more comfortable position when you decide to move forward with an event rental service.  

If you are currently looking for an event rental service in South Florida gives us a call or browse through our exclusive selection of rentals for your special occasion. 

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