5 Party Rental Items That Will Make Your Event Memorable

5 Party Rental Items That Will Make Your Event Memorable

According to researchers, one of the most important moments of any event for a guest is the moment they walk through the door and get a first glance of how the room looks like. This first impression shouldn’t be necessarily reduced to just a quick peek, as research suggests that the information collected and categorized as ‘the first impression’ comes from the first 5 minutes experienced by the guest.


Most of us would agree that one of the most eye-catching elements of any party is its decoration and therefore, to help you in picking the most awesome first-impression driven furniture we want to share with you a selection of 5 party rental items that will wow your guests.


A Red Carpet 

red carpet

We have all grown up with this image of celebrities walking to a gala, an important event or an award’s show and the red carpet has been a centerpiece and an icon of elegance at all of these occasions. Adding a carpet runner to the entrance of your party will make your guests feel distinguished and elegant. Just make sure it fits the theme you picked for the party as a whole.


Led Lounges

led lounge

Led lounges offer a two-in-one package. They look stylish and they also add some color to the party. Considering that they come in many colors, you could ask your party rental service for ones that match the palette you picked for your décor. If you are planning to throw a party outdoors or by the pool, they will build up the elegance of the entire landscape.


String Lighting

 string lighting

This is a great add-on for your outdoor parties that helps you in providing a decent amount of light to the area while also adding a warm touch that will make your guests feel as if they are partying with their closest friends. You can pick the color of the strings strategically to be camouflaged by the landscape and you could also ask your party rental service for ideas on how to set them up to captivate people’s attention as they walk in.


LED Uplights

 led uplights 

If you are planning to throw a dinner party, whatever the occasion may be, you should consider LED uplights to bring color and elegance to the entire room. One of their best features is their versatility as you can pick from a wide range of different colors to go with your decoration and you can also reduce their intensity to add some romance to the room. You should know that there are wireless alternatives for these now, so you don’t have to worry about people stumbling on cables lying on the floor, we have you covered!


A Fun Touch

 snow cone machine


If your occasion looks more like a casual gathering than a fancy event, you should consider adding a fun party rental item to the mix. This is a way to make your adult guests feel like kids again and a great ice breaker to help your guests mingle and talk to each other. You could add a cotton candy machine, a popcorn machine or even a snow cone machine to bring some early memories back to life.

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