About Us


In short, Rumbas Event Rentals provides items for rent, for any size event or occasion fit to any budget.


We come from generations of entrepreneurs leading successful companies for over 40 years in South America, Rumbas Event Rentals is the legacy of two entrepreneurial families coming together, making a way in the Events Industry in the USA. Rumbas Event Rentals was formerly known as “Rumbas Party Rental & Events” established and operating in South Florida since 2003. Since its beginning Rumbas Event Rentals has been catering to families, individuals and businesses who seek to celebrate or create memorable events, with the passion to provide the highest customer service experience no matter how big or small the event is.


To partner with people who want to create memorable events by giving them access to an expansive collection of rental equipment through an exceptional customer service experience.


To be the definition of reliability, quality and prime service in the events industry.


  1. Improving Constantly: it’s part of our daily routine, besides the Macarena.
  2. Delivering Exceptional Service: and all the items on your invoice too, don’t worry!
  3. Shooting for Excellence: we’ve been told we have good aim; practice makes perfect.
  4. Being Flexible: we’ve mastered the downward facing dog, and also the art of adapting to the circumstances.
  5. Standing on your side: at the dance-floor sometimes, but the rest of the times we’ll work with you as a team to make sure your event is flawless.
  6. Keeping our promises: we vow to deliver in winter and in rain, even if traffic tries to do us part.




“The best service I have ever paid for. Everything was clean and perfect.” – Sofia Gonzalez

“I’ve been working with them for several events! They are very reliable and have great quality products... Thanks for always being there even for last minute quotations!! Always on top of everything!” - Elizabeth Salvatierra (Event Planner)

“Best customer service I have ever gotten in the event rental industry, quick to respond, they go out of their way to help you and make sure your event goes just as you want, thanks for a great experience Rumbas team!” – Eduardo Funes

“THESE PEOPLE are the best of the best! I have had to call them the last 6 weeks asking them for chairs on the fly! and somehow, they figure it out and find time for me! I always feel super guilty, because I know it’s kind of a mission, but they're always super glad to deliver, and always do so with excellence and smiles!” – Joamna Ramirez (Event Planner)

“I used Rumbas for my mom’s birthday this past weekend and the experience was great from beginning to end, from the moment I called them for a quote they were extremely friendly and helpful! They delivered everything as promised and the party came out beautiful! Thank you for such an amazing service!” – Silvia Galea 

“Love Rumbas Event Rentals, they have a great staff, so friendly and willing to go above and beyond for the events they service. As a planner and Event Designer it is always a pleasure to collaborate with them.” – Nandi Chin (Event Planner) 

“Great service and best variety of options for all types of events! Their work at corporate events is phenomenal!! Always on time, kind, responsible, professional and great presence of their material! My number one party rental in Florida no doubt!” - Vanesa Mouka (Business Owner)