4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Rentals

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Rentals

We all enjoy, especially future brides, to browse through the exotic and glamorous Pinterest pictures. That portrait incredible wedding receptions and spectacular ceremony decorations. The whole thing looks so perfectly designed that it makes you wonder if you, or whoever is arranging your décor, can make your wedding a Pinterest-worthy one.

The thing is, most of the glamour that you see in those pictures has been provided by a wedding rental service that supplied all the furniture, lighting, carpets and exotic items that make up for a big percentage of that picture.

Therefore, you should devote some of your time to browse through all your available alternatives before picking the most suitable wedding rental service for your needs, to make sure they have everything you need to make your wedding a dream come true.

Whether you have found yours already or you are still ‘dating’ some before committing, we want to give you 4 tips to get the most out of your wedding rentals, to help you turn your wedding ideas into reality.


1. You Deserve a Custom-built Experience

wedding rentals - tent, chairs & tables


Your head is probably already filled with ideas from magazines and blogs that may have even overwhelmed your senses and your capacity to decide what’s the right decoration for your wedding. If you are still struggling to define your wedding style you can take this quiz to figure it out: take the quiz.

After you have identified the style you want for your wedding, you should pick your wedding rentals accordingly, and your event rental service should be able to provide you with a custom-built package that fulfills the style of your choosing. Make sure they do!


2. Incorporate Unique Items to Your Decoration

wedding rentals - unique decoration


One of the best ways to create a memorable experience for those who will attend your wedding is by incorporating eye-catching pieces that give the room a strong character. Depending on the style you have chosen, there’s probably a wide variety of items you could pick from.

They don’t have to be necessarily exotic (or weird), they just have to add a unique touch to the equipment you have at the venue o are renting and enhance that beautiful decoration.


3. Feel Free to Challenge the Traditional

Most wedding rental services will offer you standardized packages that include a combination of tables, tablecloths, chairs, glassware and so on. They probably have in mind a traditional setup and that may or may not match the style you have chosen.

You should keep in mind that, in the end, it is your wedding and your personal style matters. This means that you can challenge the traditional at any given point if you feel it doesn’t really go with your idea. It may be a little time consuming to do so, but it is the only way to make sure the final product is going to look like you pictured it in your mind.


4. Devote Most of Your Time to Picking the Essential Wedding Rentals

wedding rentals - essential pieces


It is often an overwhelming task to pick among so many different options of cake flavors, napkin colors, and bridesmaid dresses and, within the chaos, you feel there’s just not enough time in the world for you to pick and choose every single detail.

That’s understandable, and entirely true! There’s not enough time for you to deal with the all the smallest details, therefore, you should maximize your vendor appointments by planning and thinking ahead what are most important wedding rentals you’ll want to incorporate that will work with your overall event style.

Our advice is that, when meeting with your vendors, such as the event rental service company, devote most of your time (and energy) in picking the ideal pieces that fit your wedding look and feel. You can use the following checklist as a guide:

  • Tables & Chairs – Rectangular, Rounds or a mix! Don’t be afraid to add two chair styles, odd is the new trend.
  • Linen(s) & Napkins – Make sure to book an appointment with time to look and feel the linens you like.
  • Tent(s) – Get that rain plan secured early on!
  • Dance Floor (if the venue does not provide one)
  • Lighting – never underestimate the power of Uplights.
  • Pipe & Drape – Give a touch up to an empty wall, create an intimate area or use it a backdrop so your pictures look amazing.

This is not at all an exclusive list, as you may have some other priorities in mind depending on your personal criteria, but it is definitely a good place to start to organize your thoughts and make the most out of the free time you’ll invest in planning for the most important day of your life.

If you are currently planning your wedding, we want to become a valuable partner to make your dreams come true! You can check our selection of wedding rentals here.

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Tammie Houston - March 30, 2020

My sister’s wedding is in a rush since she wanted to get married before the baby arrives, and they only have a limited budget. Thanks for your advice about devoting most of their time with the details of the wedding rentals such as chairs, tables, cake flavor, and gowns to avoid chaos. Moreover, I’ll be sure to share your article over with my sister soon, as she really needs to know about this for her guide. https://bedazzlemyevents.com/wedding-party-rentals-los-angeles/

Niall Jenkins - March 30, 2020

My son has always been interested in having a non-conventional wedding, as he has always been that type of person. I found it beneficial when you brought up how the bride and groom ultimately deserve a custom-built experience that will be tailored to what they want out of their special day. I’ll look into contacting a tent rental company, as my son had expressed his interest in it to me. https://philadelphiapartyrentals.com/

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