5 Tips to Make Party Planning Easier

5 Tips to Make Party Planning Easier

Party planning is something that most of us enjoy but it doesn’t always end up as successfully as one would wish. There’s an extensive list of details to take care of and there are people to cater, vendors to follow up on, and you want the place to look perfect.

If you are looking to take the stress out of party planning here are a few tips you may find useful to achieve it.

Party Planning Tip #1 – Take your time

Planning a party in a couple of days is more difficult than it looks and it adds up a lot of pressure to something that you should actually enjoy. For this reason, if you already know your party is one or two weeks away you should start outlining the details of the event to have a roadmap you can use to approach the matter step by step. This will reduce the stress associated with party planning and you can even convert it into a checklist to progressively move forward with it.

Party Planning Tip #2 – Fine Tune your Guest List

Party planning is all about the guests. You want to keep in mind what’s best for them, what they would enjoy, and how the atmosphere should feel. Now, it is crucial that you understand who your guests are before you start planning details for them.

You should sit down and think carefully about the people you want to invite. If the list includes people of different ages or gender you should think of ways to cater to them to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible.

Party Planning Tip #3 – Pick Something That is Easy to Pull Off

Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for party planning but you shouldn’t take an idea you haven’t tried before for a party you are actually rushing to organize. Sure, you can incorporate a few new first-time details, but, when it comes to the overall theme of your party, if you want to pull it off easily you should definitely stick with what you know and have tried before

Party Planning Tip #4 – Prepare your Playlist

A party without music is like a driver without wheels. Much of a party’s ambiance is set by the background music as you can either help people in chilling out after a stressful day at work or go wild with a “happy hour” playlist.

Depending on the type of party you have in mind, arranging your playlist beforehand will help you speed things up.


Party Planning Tip #5 – Outsource as Much as You Can

Successful stress-free party planning requires delegation. You can get help from some of your friends and relatives who can give you a hand with a few items of your checklist but you should also consider relying on the services of a party rental company that can assist you in setting things up. This may add up to your budget a bit more than expected, but it will take off much of the pressure.

If you are looking for ideas and assistance for party planning check out our portfolio of indoor and outdoor rentals or request a quote right now.


Photography by: Nate Puhr Photographer & Filmmaker

Venue: Villa Woodbine

Rentals: Rumbas Event Rentals and Artefactum Initiative

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